7 possible reasons your cat choose the carpet instead of his litter box

Cats are awesome but it can be very frustrating when you cat pee on your carpet instead of that expensive piece of litter box that your bought for him. Punishing your cat for this is not going to solve the problem.

To put an end to this misbehavior of your cat, the first thing to do is to understand why your cat is doing it at the first place.

Your cat probably ill
If your cat has urinary tract infection, it going to hurt every time he pee and your cat is going to think that the litter box is biting him. This can cause your cat to avoid the litter box at all cost. Take your cat to the vet to make sure he is actually OK.

Your cat is marking his area or trying to seduce the male
Male cats do this most of the time while the female only do it to attract male cats. To make it simple, this behavior is cause by a desire to search for a partner and it can be eliminate by spaying your cat.

Your cat is having a pee completion with the other cats
As mentioned above, cats pee to mark his area. So, when other cats pee near your house, the smell can somehow get inside your home. When your cat smells it, your cat will then takes it as an act of war. As a respond, your cat will pee everywhere inside the house to fight the smell.

Your cat hates the litter
Choosing the right litter for your cat might be a little more important than you previously thought. Your cat will avoid using his litter box if he hates the litter. Make sure your cat like the feel and smell of the litter.

Your cat hates the smell of his own pee
Cats have a very sensitive nose. If you don’t clean the litter box properly, he will refuse to use it. Sometime, you think the litter box is already clean, but your cat can still smell the odor.

This will cause him to avoid the litter box since cats is actually the kind of animals who like to keep themselves clean. Cleaning your cat litter box properly once a day might help.

Size and shape matter
You cat might be avoiding his litter box because of the box size and shape. If your cat is big, make sure the litter box is big too so he will feel comfortable using it. And also make sure the shape of the litter box allow your cat to comfortably turn around inside it.

Wrong location
Your cat needs a little privacy to do his business. Putting the litter box in a busy area is obviously not a good move. Always put the litter box away from his food and make sure the area is not too noisy, not too cold or hot and accessible.

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