5 reasons you shouldn’t leave your cats alone at home

Due to their cat awesome attitude, many cat owners think that it is OK to left their cat home alone for a long period of time.

They think their cat will just continue with his or her business like he always did. Eating, playing and pooping. This is simply not true.

Below are 10 reasons you shouldn’t leave your cat alone for a long period of time and what you should do if you need to be away.

#1 Cat might get sick
There are a lot of cases where owners come home and find that their cat is either dead or dying due to illness. Some common feline disorder such as urinary blockages can cause death to your cat but your cat can probably be rescued if someone is around.

#2 Your cat need fresh food

A fresh or canned food is better than dry food. But you can’t feed your cat with fresh food if you’re away and there is no one around to feed your cat because fresh food will get spoiled if exposed to the air.

#3 Cat want a clean litter box
Leaving your cat alone mean there is no one to clean their litter box. This can cause many kind of problem such as illness and your cat might end up pooping on the carpet due to his litter box being too dirty for him.

#4 Just likes you, cat want companionship

Cat need to interact with his owner. It is pretty common for cat to develop behavior problem due to being left alone at home. They need to interact with other human or animals.

#5 Emergency situations can happen
Who know, you cat might stuck somewhere in your house during playtime and need human to save him. If no one was around, your cat might get in very deep trouble.

So, what should you do if you need to be away?

The easiest thing that you can do is to hire someone to take care of your cat OR simply arrange someone (Friends, family members) to visit your cat once or twice a day to feed him, clean his litter box and see if he’s OK.

A website that can help reunite owners with their pets after a disaster is been developed

EmergencyPetMatcher - project EPIC

Reuniting with your pets after disaster can be a lot more easier after this as students at the University of Colorado Boulder had develop a website that can help people reunite with their pets.

The website, EmergencyPetMatcher was developed by Mario Barrenechea, 25, and Joanne White, 45 to help reuniting owners and pets after a disaster such as hurricane, earth quake and wildfire.

After Hurricane Sandy, The developers realize that social media can be use as a platform to help people to find their items and pets after a disaster.

How to website work
  • Users at EmergencyPetMatcher need to create a profile for the pet that they found or for the one that’s missing.
  • Upload a picture of the missing pets / or the pets that you found
  • Other user will suggest that both photos is a match if he or she think that both photo from missing pets profile and founded pets profile are the same pets.
  • Other users will be able to up vote the matching photos if they agree, or down vote it if they think those are not the pictures of the same pets.
  • When the amount of up vote is enough, email will be send to the creator of both profiles, suggesting that they should contact each other.

The effectiveness of this website depend on it user. White, one of the developers said,

“A lot of people are looking for ways to help. It doesn’t matter where they are located in the world. With this system, it allows them to be able to help."

The website is not currently online as the developers are planning to release the website during a disaster.

Source: Click here

3 tons of cats were rescued from being eaten

The picture taken on January 27, 2015 shows seized cages of live
cats transported in a truck in Hanoi. (Photo: AFP)

A truck loaded with 3 tons of cats was stopped by police in the capital of Hanoi on Tuesday. While officially banned, cat meat which is also known as “litter tiger” can still be found in specialist restaurants in this country.

According to the truck driver, the cats were smuggled from China to northeastern Quang Ninh province, before he purchased them. The truck driver also said that the cats were mean to be consumed. However, it is still not clear whether those cats are supposed to be sold to restaurants or individual.

Unfortunately, we cannot feel happy for those rescued cats just yet.

According to the officer from Dong Da district police station, the cats should have been destroyed. However, they’re still unsure about what to do with those cats since this time it’s not an object or items that had been smuggled but thousands of living cats.

Vietnam had banned cat meat and encourages cats as pets to control rat’s population in the country but that doesn’t stop certain specialist restaurants from adding them into their menu.

Photos that were posted in social media show how terrible the condition is for the smuggled cats.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2931355/Thousands-live-cats-China-seized-Vietnam.html

Cat genes might hold vital clues to treat some human diseases

It seem like researcher had found themselves a new ally in their struggle to find cure for human illness. They suspect that crucial clues about disease such as diabetes, asthma and some causes of blindness are available in genetic profile of cats.

Researchers are hoping to determine the exact genetic profiles of 99 domestic cats by launching a genome sequencing project, known as “99 Live”. The data that they will be able to gather from this research should be able to generate medicine for both human & cats.

Other than that, this research should also be able to help us to figure out where the domestic cats actually come from.

As far as we known cats started to be live among human long time ago when we human figure out that they can help us to prevent mouse from raiding our grain store. But the researchers believe that they will be able to gather a lot more about domestic cat history with this research.

News source & more detail here

How to stop cat from biting

When I was a boy, my cousin had a cat that bite when you play with him. Fortunately for me, my cousin cat didn’t bite that hard and most of the time it didn’t even hurt so my cousin’s cat biting behavior was not really a problem to him.

However, some cat bite like he is going to tear your flesh. To the owner of such cat, this is a big problem especially when they’re planning to have a guest.

Below, are methods that you can try to stop your cat from biting.

Before you continue, please keep in mind that biting is not a behavior problem to cat. It is normal for cats to bite when a cat play with another cat. What we are trying to do is to teach your cat that it is not OK to bite human.

#1 – Blowing at your cat face

You cat will stop biting almost immediately when you blow at his face lightly. This happen because the blow will make your cat a little bit confuse.

#2 – Divert your cat attention

Use toys or even laser pointer to divert your cat attention away from your hand when he bite. This usually works every time. However, this might not going to teach your cat that biting human is a bad idea.

But at least you can save your hand.

#3 – Hiss and stare

Another awesome ways to stop cat biting is by showing him who’s the boss. And one of the ways to do this is by hissing and staring fiercely at your cat. This will let your cat know that you don’t like to be bitten.

But don’t attack your cat or frightening him too much because your cat will bite and scratch more when he feels insecure.

#4 – Wipe him with wet cloth

Get a wet cloth ready with you every time you play with your cat. When he bites, wipe him with that wet cloth. This work very well with cat that don’t like water.

Every time he bites, he gets a wet. This will cause him to bite less.

#5 – Push his tongue down

When your cat bites your finger, try to push his tongue down ward. Your cat won’t like it and he will jump back and get confuse.

Eventually, he will learn that biting human will cause bad experience and therefore stop biting.

#6 – Leave your cat alone

Some cats are not really that social, maybe he just wants some times to be alone.

#7 – Give him bad result

You know your cat better than everyone else. So what you’ll need to do is – do something your cat doesn’t like every time he bites.

Example: He doesn’t like you to ignore him. So, every time he bites you’ll need to do just that, ignore him.

This will teach him that every time he bites, he will get something that he doesn’t like.