Cat genes might hold vital clues to treat some human diseases

It seem like researcher had found themselves a new ally in their struggle to find cure for human illness. They suspect that crucial clues about disease such as diabetes, asthma and some causes of blindness are available in genetic profile of cats.

Researchers are hoping to determine the exact genetic profiles of 99 domestic cats by launching a genome sequencing project, known as “99 Live”. The data that they will be able to gather from this research should be able to generate medicine for both human & cats.

Other than that, this research should also be able to help us to figure out where the domestic cats actually come from.

As far as we known cats started to be live among human long time ago when we human figure out that they can help us to prevent mouse from raiding our grain store. But the researchers believe that they will be able to gather a lot more about domestic cat history with this research.

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