A website that can help reunite owners with their pets after a disaster is been developed

EmergencyPetMatcher - project EPIC

Reuniting with your pets after disaster can be a lot more easier after this as students at the University of Colorado Boulder had develop a website that can help people reunite with their pets.

The website, EmergencyPetMatcher was developed by Mario Barrenechea, 25, and Joanne White, 45 to help reuniting owners and pets after a disaster such as hurricane, earth quake and wildfire.

After Hurricane Sandy, The developers realize that social media can be use as a platform to help people to find their items and pets after a disaster.

How to website work
  • Users at EmergencyPetMatcher need to create a profile for the pet that they found or for the one that’s missing.
  • Upload a picture of the missing pets / or the pets that you found
  • Other user will suggest that both photos is a match if he or she think that both photo from missing pets profile and founded pets profile are the same pets.
  • Other users will be able to up vote the matching photos if they agree, or down vote it if they think those are not the pictures of the same pets.
  • When the amount of up vote is enough, email will be send to the creator of both profiles, suggesting that they should contact each other.

The effectiveness of this website depend on it user. White, one of the developers said,

“A lot of people are looking for ways to help. It doesn’t matter where they are located in the world. With this system, it allows them to be able to help."

The website is not currently online as the developers are planning to release the website during a disaster.

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