How to stop cat from biting

When I was a boy, my cousin had a cat that bite when you play with him. Fortunately for me, my cousin cat didn’t bite that hard and most of the time it didn’t even hurt so my cousin’s cat biting behavior was not really a problem to him.

However, some cat bite like he is going to tear your flesh. To the owner of such cat, this is a big problem especially when they’re planning to have a guest.

Below, are methods that you can try to stop your cat from biting.

Before you continue, please keep in mind that biting is not a behavior problem to cat. It is normal for cats to bite when a cat play with another cat. What we are trying to do is to teach your cat that it is not OK to bite human.

#1 – Blowing at your cat face

You cat will stop biting almost immediately when you blow at his face lightly. This happen because the blow will make your cat a little bit confuse.

#2 – Divert your cat attention

Use toys or even laser pointer to divert your cat attention away from your hand when he bite. This usually works every time. However, this might not going to teach your cat that biting human is a bad idea.

But at least you can save your hand.

#3 – Hiss and stare

Another awesome ways to stop cat biting is by showing him who’s the boss. And one of the ways to do this is by hissing and staring fiercely at your cat. This will let your cat know that you don’t like to be bitten.

But don’t attack your cat or frightening him too much because your cat will bite and scratch more when he feels insecure.

#4 – Wipe him with wet cloth

Get a wet cloth ready with you every time you play with your cat. When he bites, wipe him with that wet cloth. This work very well with cat that don’t like water.

Every time he bites, he gets a wet. This will cause him to bite less.

#5 – Push his tongue down

When your cat bites your finger, try to push his tongue down ward. Your cat won’t like it and he will jump back and get confuse.

Eventually, he will learn that biting human will cause bad experience and therefore stop biting.

#6 – Leave your cat alone

Some cats are not really that social, maybe he just wants some times to be alone.

#7 – Give him bad result

You know your cat better than everyone else. So what you’ll need to do is – do something your cat doesn’t like every time he bites.

Example: He doesn’t like you to ignore him. So, every time he bites you’ll need to do just that, ignore him.

This will teach him that every time he bites, he will get something that he doesn’t like.

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