5 reasons you shouldn’t leave your cats alone at home

Due to their cat awesome attitude, many cat owners think that it is OK to left their cat home alone for a long period of time.

They think their cat will just continue with his or her business like he always did. Eating, playing and pooping. This is simply not true.

Below are 10 reasons you shouldn’t leave your cat alone for a long period of time and what you should do if you need to be away.

#1 Cat might get sick
There are a lot of cases where owners come home and find that their cat is either dead or dying due to illness. Some common feline disorder such as urinary blockages can cause death to your cat but your cat can probably be rescued if someone is around.

#2 Your cat need fresh food

A fresh or canned food is better than dry food. But you can’t feed your cat with fresh food if you’re away and there is no one around to feed your cat because fresh food will get spoiled if exposed to the air.

#3 Cat want a clean litter box
Leaving your cat alone mean there is no one to clean their litter box. This can cause many kind of problem such as illness and your cat might end up pooping on the carpet due to his litter box being too dirty for him.

#4 Just likes you, cat want companionship

Cat need to interact with his owner. It is pretty common for cat to develop behavior problem due to being left alone at home. They need to interact with other human or animals.

#5 Emergency situations can happen
Who know, you cat might stuck somewhere in your house during playtime and need human to save him. If no one was around, your cat might get in very deep trouble.

So, what should you do if you need to be away?

The easiest thing that you can do is to hire someone to take care of your cat OR simply arrange someone (Friends, family members) to visit your cat once or twice a day to feed him, clean his litter box and see if he’s OK.

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