Did your cat suffer from mental illness?

Can cat suffer from mental illness?

So you think you cat might suffer from mental illness. The good news is, scientists are not yet sure if cat can actually suffer from mental illness since as far as they know, cats brain is not complex enough to able them to have mental related illness.

The bad news however, cats CAN suffer from depression and stress. And here's 3 signs that your cat is depress.

Being aggressive randomly.
It is normal for cats to show aggressive behavior when they're playing or “defending” what they think is their Territory. But when a cat is acting aggressive randomly, that's probably a sign of illness and disease or may be depression.

Cats that show this kind of behavior need to be given medical attention.

Not interested in food
Give any cats on the street some treat and that cat might going to follow you to your house for more. But a depress cat will show very little interest in food. Some of them might even avoid eating for days. Lack of appetite is one of the sign of cat depression.

Less activities, more sleep
Cats are normally an active creature. They play, they hunt and sometime even scratch. If your cat is sleep to much and seem to be a lot less active than it use too, your cat probably depressed.

Urinating all over the house
If your cat suddenly start urinating around the house and avoid using the litter box, this too maybe a sign of stress. If this happen, it could be caused by a little change that happen in your life or your cat life such as an appearance of a new person or pet in your house.

A depressed cat need medical attention, the best thing to do is to pay attention to your pet and give him a lot of attention. Also, make sure your pet get enough exercise and balance diet. There are also other kind of treatment such as Prozac, Zoloft or holistic treatment.

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Why cat sit on your laptop

If you're a cat owner you might notice that cats really like to sit on keyboard. You might think that your cat are trying to sabotage whatever you're doing on your laptop, but there are actually reasons for why your cat is behaving that's way.

If you wondering why cats are behaving like this, there are several reasons for them to act that way.

Cats love warm places

Cats is known to love warm places, the keyboard on your laptop might produce heat at the right temperature that make your cat feel comfortable sitting on it. Even if you just turned off your laptop, the laptop might still feel warm and comfortable to your cat.

Laptop produce vibration

You might not notice it, but when your laptop is turned on, your laptop is actually producing a little vibration which can make your cat feel enjoy when it sit on it.

Your cat just want your attention

Cats or any other pets like and crave for human attention. Giving your cat too little attention might be the reasons why your cat is sitting on your laptop. If your notice that your cat not only sit on the laptop but also on other more uncomfortable thing such as the remote and books, then there are high chances that your cat want to get your attention.

Why cat sit on your laptop
Picture by Sexyninjamonkey@Flickr

Some people will think that cat just being a jerk by sitting on everything that's important while a better explanation would be that cat love and want to get your attention. So if you notice that your cat behaving like this, the first thing to try is to play with your cat and give the attention it want.

3 reasons your cats shouldn't drink milk

Including cow milk in your cat diet is not a good ideas. Some people probably think that milk is good for their cat but that's just not true. Here are some reason why you really shouldn't give milk to your cat.

#1 - Your cat digestion system cannot digest it
Most cats are lactose intolerant which mean your cat digestion system might not be able to digest the milk properly.

#2 - It is not necessary
Your cat don't even need milk at the first place. Cats usually get the nutrient they need from food. Instead of milk, feed your cat with healthy food to make sure your pet get the nutrient that they need

#3 - Milk can cause diarrhea
Cats love milk, but that doesn't mean it's good for them. Drinking milk can cause many illness to your cat such as diarrhea and bloating

What to give to your cat instead

Lactose free cat milk – If your cat love milk, or you simply want to include milk in your cat diet, make sure you give your cat lactose free cat milk to make sure your cat didn't get sick.

Fresh water – It is good ideas to have a fresh water available for your cats

Cow milk is not good for your cat health. It is better to give them lactose free cat milk and fresh water to make sure your cat stay healthy and active. A balance diet is also important to make sure your cat get the nutrient it require.

5 tips for taking care of your cats health

Just like you, your cats will obviously feel a lot more happier when they're healthy. To own a healthy and active cats, you need to take care of them. Many cats owners spent enough time playing and feeding their cats but when it come to health care, many neglect it.

It's Veterinarians job to check if your cats is healthy, but there are something that you can do too to make sure your cats is in healthy and happy condition.

#1 – Feed them correctly
Food play major role in determine the health level of your cats. Feed them the wrong diet and your cats might get sick or suffer from obesity. So the first thing to keep in mind is, a healthy diet for your cats lead to healthy pets in your home.

#2 – Inspect the fur
Scan your cats fur once in a while to see if there are any sign of flea. Also try to notice if there are anything unusual on your pet skin to make sure your cats do not suffer any kind of skin problem.

#3 – Pay attention to your pets behavior
If your pets are usually active, then one day your cats suddenly just laying around the house not doing anything, there might be something wrong.  It's best to start looking for any sign of sickness when this happen.

#4 – Beware of parasite
Any sign of hookworms, roundworms, whip worms and tapeworm need to be taking care of immediately. Letting this parasite on your cats untreated could harm your cats overall health.

#5 – Dental examination
Cats can also suffer from dental problem. It's not recommended to do dental examination yourself so it is better to let the professional do it for you. Take your cats for dental examination once in a while to make sure their dental health are not neglected.

Taking care of your cats health might be a little bit difficult. But it is better to try your best to make sure your cats are as healthy as possible. A healthy cats mean a happier cats owner.

Avoid making your cats hate you by using these simple cat training tips

Every pets owners want to have a well-trained pet. That's why it is important to learn a few to tricks on how to train your cats so that your cat will be well-behave and didn't destroyed any furniture or peeing in your living room.

However, to make sure your cats is successfully trained, you'll need to train them correctly. Train your cat the wrong way and you might have a really upset pets living in your house. Here's some tips to correctly train your cat and avoid being hated by your own pets.

#1 – Play with your cats
Cats love to play. Play with them often and teach them some skills and manner while you play with them and they might absorb your training better.

#2 – Provide cats-friendly home for your cats
Cats-friendly environment is important for your cats overall happiness. A happy cats will behave better. Try not to smoke in your house since your cats wouldn't like it.

#3 – Give your cats some bonuses for good behavior
Give them a little treat or pet your cats when it behave or doing something you that you like. Cats usually seek for ways to make your happy. Praising your cat will let your cat know that he is doing the right thing and your cat will probably doing it more often in the future to please you

#4 – Do not scold your cat 
Scolding your cat will only hurt it emotion and this will make them not trusting you in the future, especially if you hit your cat.

#5 – Use equipment to help with your training
Purchase a cat scratching post to prevent your cats from destroying your furniture. You can also put some double tape on your furniture to prevent your cat from scratching it since cats didn't really like sticky surface.

Training a cat is pretty hard, but it could get a lot easier if you're using the right techniques. It is best to remember that cats did not respond well to scolding, so it is better not to scold them when you train your cats.

4 cats toys that will benefits your cats and you

Cats love to play, even when they've grown up and become an adult cats. You probably already notice that cats love to play with moving things such as ball, laser and even cockroaches. This is due to their natural behavior since cat is actually a predator.

Buying a cats toys for your pets not only good for them but cats toys can sometime benefits you too. Here's some awesome cat toys that your cat might like.

#1 - Toy mice
Maybe your house is so clean your cats have nothing to hunt, maybe you just don't want to see your cats dragging dead mouse around your house. Not matter which one is the reason, toy mice is what you looking for.

#2 - Cat Scratchier
Cats love to scratch. Having a cats Scratchier not only fun for your cats but it will also benefits you since you might be able to save your furniture.

#3 - Cats climber
Other than hunting, cat also love to climb which probably why some time you see them up on the tree and can't get down. Your cats will have tons of fun with cat climber.

#4 - Ball
As already mentioned above, cats love to play around with ball. Buy a small ball for them to play with. Hours of fun for your feline.

Other cats-stuffs to consider

Other than toys you might also find these stuffs beneficial for you.

Cat Flap – Small door for your cats so you won't have to open the door for your pet every time they want to play outside.

Little locker – Now it is easier and cleaner with this litter disposal system.

The stuffs mentioned above not only beneficial and fun for your cats. But some of those (example: cat Scratchier and little locker) might also be beneficial for you too. Ask your local pets store if they have these item for sale.

Get a healthier and happier cats by feeding them correctly

Cats Food
There is no need to tell you that a right diet is not only important for you, but it's also very important to your pets. Feeding them the right food can improve your cats overall health and abilities. Cats that haven't been feed with the right food might be suffering from lack of nutrients and this could cause them to get sick which will eventually limit their abilities to do things.

Apply this simple tips to make sure that you're feeding your cat correctly.

#1 – Feed them moist or semi-moist cats food
Cats don't usually seek for water. Giving them moist cats food might help them to get the nutrient that they need and keep them well-fed and healthy

#2 - Dry food have it own benefits.
Moist or semi-moist cats food maybe good for your cats. However, dry cats food also have it own benefits. Dry cat food is hard to spoil so if you're one of those busy cats owners, dry cats food might be suitable for you.

#3 – Read the labels
Instead of purchasing any kind of treat that have “cats food” written on it packaging, why not read it ingredient before you buy. By doing this you'll know what nutrient it contain so you can be sure that your cats get just the nutrient that they need.

#4 – Beware of any sign of allergy
This is a very rare case but sometime kittens do allergy to certain type of food. Make sure you're not feeding them something they're allergy to.

#5 – Have different kind of food
If you eat the same type of meal for dinner and lunch you'll eventually going to get really tired with your meal. Your cats might get bored too, try to varied your cats menu so they won't get bored. Your cats probably get the nutrient they need in other foods that you give them too.

It's pretty important to make sure you're feeding your cats the right food so they will be healthier and happier. A healthy pets might save you a lot of money and headache since you won't need to visit the veterinarians too often.