3 reasons your cats shouldn't drink milk

Including cow milk in your cat diet is not a good ideas. Some people probably think that milk is good for their cat but that's just not true. Here are some reason why you really shouldn't give milk to your cat.

#1 - Your cat digestion system cannot digest it
Most cats are lactose intolerant which mean your cat digestion system might not be able to digest the milk properly.

#2 - It is not necessary
Your cat don't even need milk at the first place. Cats usually get the nutrient they need from food. Instead of milk, feed your cat with healthy food to make sure your pet get the nutrient that they need

#3 - Milk can cause diarrhea
Cats love milk, but that doesn't mean it's good for them. Drinking milk can cause many illness to your cat such as diarrhea and bloating

What to give to your cat instead

Lactose free cat milk – If your cat love milk, or you simply want to include milk in your cat diet, make sure you give your cat lactose free cat milk to make sure your cat didn't get sick.

Fresh water – It is good ideas to have a fresh water available for your cats

Cow milk is not good for your cat health. It is better to give them lactose free cat milk and fresh water to make sure your cat stay healthy and active. A balance diet is also important to make sure your cat get the nutrient it require.

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