Why cat sit on your laptop

If you're a cat owner you might notice that cats really like to sit on keyboard. You might think that your cat are trying to sabotage whatever you're doing on your laptop, but there are actually reasons for why your cat is behaving that's way.

If you wondering why cats are behaving like this, there are several reasons for them to act that way.

Cats love warm places

Cats is known to love warm places, the keyboard on your laptop might produce heat at the right temperature that make your cat feel comfortable sitting on it. Even if you just turned off your laptop, the laptop might still feel warm and comfortable to your cat.

Laptop produce vibration

You might not notice it, but when your laptop is turned on, your laptop is actually producing a little vibration which can make your cat feel enjoy when it sit on it.

Your cat just want your attention

Cats or any other pets like and crave for human attention. Giving your cat too little attention might be the reasons why your cat is sitting on your laptop. If your notice that your cat not only sit on the laptop but also on other more uncomfortable thing such as the remote and books, then there are high chances that your cat want to get your attention.

Why cat sit on your laptop
Picture by Sexyninjamonkey@Flickr

Some people will think that cat just being a jerk by sitting on everything that's important while a better explanation would be that cat love and want to get your attention. So if you notice that your cat behaving like this, the first thing to try is to play with your cat and give the attention it want.

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