Avoid making your cats hate you by using these simple cat training tips

Every pets owners want to have a well-trained pet. That's why it is important to learn a few to tricks on how to train your cats so that your cat will be well-behave and didn't destroyed any furniture or peeing in your living room.

However, to make sure your cats is successfully trained, you'll need to train them correctly. Train your cat the wrong way and you might have a really upset pets living in your house. Here's some tips to correctly train your cat and avoid being hated by your own pets.

#1 – Play with your cats
Cats love to play. Play with them often and teach them some skills and manner while you play with them and they might absorb your training better.

#2 – Provide cats-friendly home for your cats
Cats-friendly environment is important for your cats overall happiness. A happy cats will behave better. Try not to smoke in your house since your cats wouldn't like it.

#3 – Give your cats some bonuses for good behavior
Give them a little treat or pet your cats when it behave or doing something you that you like. Cats usually seek for ways to make your happy. Praising your cat will let your cat know that he is doing the right thing and your cat will probably doing it more often in the future to please you

#4 – Do not scold your cat 
Scolding your cat will only hurt it emotion and this will make them not trusting you in the future, especially if you hit your cat.

#5 – Use equipment to help with your training
Purchase a cat scratching post to prevent your cats from destroying your furniture. You can also put some double tape on your furniture to prevent your cat from scratching it since cats didn't really like sticky surface.

Training a cat is pretty hard, but it could get a lot easier if you're using the right techniques. It is best to remember that cats did not respond well to scolding, so it is better not to scold them when you train your cats.

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