3 tons of cats were rescued from being eaten

The picture taken on January 27, 2015 shows seized cages of live
cats transported in a truck in Hanoi. (Photo: AFP)

A truck loaded with 3 tons of cats was stopped by police in the capital of Hanoi on Tuesday. While officially banned, cat meat which is also known as “litter tiger” can still be found in specialist restaurants in this country.

According to the truck driver, the cats were smuggled from China to northeastern Quang Ninh province, before he purchased them. The truck driver also said that the cats were mean to be consumed. However, it is still not clear whether those cats are supposed to be sold to restaurants or individual.

Unfortunately, we cannot feel happy for those rescued cats just yet.

According to the officer from Dong Da district police station, the cats should have been destroyed. However, they’re still unsure about what to do with those cats since this time it’s not an object or items that had been smuggled but thousands of living cats.

Vietnam had banned cat meat and encourages cats as pets to control rat’s population in the country but that doesn’t stop certain specialist restaurants from adding them into their menu.

Photos that were posted in social media show how terrible the condition is for the smuggled cats.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2931355/Thousands-live-cats-China-seized-Vietnam.html

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