The mystery cracked: Scientists discover why cats love sitting in a box

Source : Flickr | CC

“If it fit, I sit”

It is pretty common for cat owners to come home and discover that their cat is sleeping or chilling in place that doesn’t really look comfortable to us, such as a cardboard box.

Scientific studies suggest that there are two main reasons why cats are acting like this.
  • Because boxes can protect cats from “stress”
  • And cats use the box to keep themselves warm

When your cat sit in a box, it mean don’t interrupt
Study conducted at Utrecht University in the Netherlands suggest that boxes make cats feel less stressed because when they’re hiding in it, they’re less likely to get interrupted.

In their nature habitat (the wild), cats use places similar to boxes as a hiding place where they can relax while avoiding prey. 

However, indoor cats might use the boxes to hide from their owners to avoid unwanted stroke or interruption from their owners.

Another favorite places for cat to hide including under the table and chairs.

Cats love warm places, like inside of a box
The National Research Council had conducted a set of research in 2006 and they found that cat love to sit inside box because it can keep them warm.

So the next time you see your cat sitting in a cardboard box, it might be a great idea to let him be and turn on your heater.

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