Bubba, high school cat with real student body card

This is not your regular cat. Unlike most kids these days, Bubba is more than happy to go to school and attending classes. Matter of fact, he even have a student body card at Leland High School in San Jose, California. He is also the official campus cat there.

Bubba's student body card

Like a cool kid, Bubba will usually attend classes, go to the school sporting events and sometime he even hangout with the students.

How it all begins
At first, Bubba is an indoor cat. But he wasn’t happy staying in. So he started to let his family know frequently and loudly that he wanted to be with the students.

Like most student, Bubba sometime fall asleep in class

Amber Marienthal, the person who adopted Bubba back in 2009 said a lot about this lovely and social cat. One of them including how this one teacher once make a mistake by buying a treats for Bubba. Now Bubba will wait by his classroom door and meowing demanding for treats.

Waiting for school

That’s the story of Bubba, a cat that love school.


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