Over the counter ringworm treatment for cats

over the counter ringworm treatment for cats
Over the counter ringworm treatment for cats
Like most skin infection, we can also treat ringworm with over the counter products which is available in the market. However, when it come to treating ringworm on cats, you might going to hesitate a little bit since your cat might going to lick the cream that you apply on him.

The thing is you just want to be sure that the product that you apply to the ringworm on your cat will not cause any harm to the cat it self.

The solutions
The  best solution is to use Lamisil AT, or any other over the counter products that made of similar ingredients.

The Lamisil AT is actually just an athletes foot cream but it can also be use as over the counter ringworm medication for cats. If you hesitate to try this, keep in mind that this cream is actually used by a lot of small cat shelter through out the U.S to treat mild ringworm.

All you will need to do is rub the cream real well on the infected area once or twice a day and the ringworm should be gone in a few weeks. The cat will probably lick the cream but licking a small amount of this usually won’t cause any side effect to your cat.

You must not scrub the ringworm to prevent it from spreading, apply small amount of the cream and press it into the fur. For faster result, you can also use shampoo but bathing a cat, as you already know, is a pain.


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