Ringworm treatment for cats

treat ringworm in cats
Ringworm treatment for cats
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If your suspect that your cat is infected by ringworm, than it is very important for you to know a little bit about ringworm treatment for cats because ringworm is kind of like a nightmare as this thing can easily spread between and among human and animals.

Fortunately, ringworm is pretty easy to kill.

What you can do to treat ringworm in cats

The first logical step to take is to get your cat and yourself an anti-fungal lotion or cream. This lotion need to be applied on the ringworm and the skin around it for 2 times a day, in the morning and at night.

You must first make sure that you clean the infected area of your skin before you apply the cream. You’ll need to remember to do this routine for at least two weeks even when the rash are no longer visible to make sure you had successfully get rid of the ringworm.

When the vet come in
Another great idea is to leave the treatment of ringworm in cats to the pro. Lets you vet take care of it as they usually have some other medicine for this kind of illness including anti-fungal shampoo and lime sulfur dip. Other than that, oral medication is also an option when situation is getting worse.

Another major task in treating ringworm in cats
Ringworm is easy to kill. However, they can also coming back. That’s why it is important to disinfect your home to make sure you cat didn’t get infected all over again.

To do this, you’ll need to wash almost all washable surface in your house with bleach and hot water. As for the furniture and un-washable area, you can use any disinfectant spray to get the job done. There are also child-friendly disinfectant available in the market today, don’t hesitate to choose this one if you have a child.

to make things short, there are basically 3 important steps:
  1. Apply anti-fungal lotion to your cat
  2. Let the vet handle the situation when thing is getting worse 
  3. Disinfecting your home to prevent ringworm from coming back
Remember that during the treatment, it is best to limit physical contact with your cat as ringworm cat spread easily and fast. Also, keep in mind that disinfecting your home play a major role in preventing the ringworm from coming back.

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