Take your cat to the vet immediately if he’s doing this

There are several other pictures similar to the one above being shared around the social media...

Most of the time, the owner think that their cat look very cute and they just want to share the pictures with other “cat people” around the internet.

However, it might be a bad sign when your cat is pressing his head against the wall. According to PetMD and reshareworthy.com , this behavior could indicate that your cat might have a serious health problem.

"Head pressing generally indicates damage to the nervous system or a neurological condition or illness and it is very important that you take your dog or cat to a veterinarian for diagnosis."quoted from Reshareworthy

The characteristic of head pressing behavior

When a cat is compulsively pressing his head against a wall or something solid for some period of time, it is known as head pressing.

What cause your cat to act this way

There many reasons why your cat is behaving like this, some of them including :
  • prosencephalon disease 
  • tumors 
  • liver shunt
  • toxic poisoning 
  • metabolic disorder
  • stroke
  • encephalitis
  • metabolic disorder as result of liver disease
  • infection of the nervous system such as rabies, parasites, bacterial, viral or fungal infection
  • head trauma

Other than head pressing, there are several other symptoms of neurological problems such as
  • constant pacing
  • walking in circles
  • face rubbing (pushing head into ground)
  • getting stuck in corners
  • staring at walls
  • damaged reflexes
  • visual problems
  • seizures

You could potentially save your cat life by recognizing this symptoms and behavior. A lot of people still didn’t know about this. Make sure to share this with your friends.

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