6 Pleasant Steps To Bond With Your Cat

Despite popular believe, cats can be both man and women best friend...

Treating your cat correctly will make him like you more. Most peoples are trying to bond with their cat the same way they do with dogs. This is obviously not going to work.

By following these simple tips and tactics, your cat will be proud to call you their “mom”.

Safety is cat first priority – Just like most living creature on earth, including you, cats also like to feel safe and secure. This is very important especially if you just adopted a new cat.

All you need to do is to set up a little space somewhere in your house with everything your cat need such as little box, foods and bedding and let that area be your cat safe area.

Your cat needs to spend his first few days in this area. Then, make sure you check him out regularly to kick start the bonding process.

Let your cat make the first move – Now that your cat has his own safe area in your house, the next thing to do is to let him wander around your house. Try not to force him to interact with you. Instead, let him make his first move.

However, it is ok to start the interaction if your cat is taking too long to make his move. But don’t do it too often.

Friends play together – As soon as you think that your cat is feeling comfortable and doesn’t mind having you around, figure out which one is his favorite toys and play with your cat.

It’s petting time – When you finally notice that your cat is comfortable with your touch, it is time to start petting them. Pet your cat while talking to him with a very gentle voice to let your cat know that you mean no harm.

Food –The easiest, oldest, basic-est trick to bond with your cat is to feed him. Try to pet him while you’re feeding your cat to make him feel special and loved.

Sleepover, at your room – This is optional, not every cat owner let their cat sleep on their bed. But letting your cat to sleep on your bed with you can help you to bond with him. Just make sure you don’t force your cat to cuddle.

Cat can become a man (and women) best friend. It’s the ways you’re treating your cat that will determine whether you’re your cat best friend, or just his food supplier.

Some cats are friendlier compared to the others. Do you find it easy to be friend with your cat when you first adopt him/her?

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