6 sign you’re more than just a food supplier to your cat

 You probably just a food supplier to him, if don’t bond with your cat properly...

Bonding properly with your cat is important to make sure your cat love you as much as you love him. Previously, you had learn the basic of how bond with your cat. But how do you know if your cat feel comfortable and enjoy having you around?

When cat love your companionship, it shows. Here are 6 sign you’re more than just a food supplier in your cat eyes.

Bumping his head against your – One of the things that cats do to show it love and appreciation is bumping head against each other. If your cat is doing this to you, make sure to bump back. It means to tell you that he like you and considered you as family.

Kneading – If your cat is doing this, it mean he’s happy. Cat usually does this to their mom to get milk. Doing this to you is a sign that your cat think that you are his mom.

Rubbing his body – Cats do this to claim you as his own. Which mean your cat actually like you.

Showing butt – Another way cats are showing their love is by licking and cleaning each other. If your cat is showing his butt to you and lifts his tail, this is a sign that your cat wants you to clean him.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to lick him to show your cat that you love him back.

All you’ll need to do is simply blow at her rear end gently. This will cause your cat to think that was your cleaning style, and that is enough for your cat.

Licking you – As mentioned above, cats lick and clean each other to show their love. Licking you is one of the sign that your cat actually care about you. It also means that your cat is claiming you as one of his own.

Gumming your hand – Other than licking and rubbing his body against yours, gumming your hand is another way for your cat to blend her own scent with you.

Some peoples, especially new cat owner might get a little worried when their cat is gumming their hand. If you’re one of them, it’s OK. Just take your time and gain trust to each other.

Did your cat show all or some of these sign when you hang out with him? Let us know at the comment section below.

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