Beginner guide : how to know what that cat is trying to tell you

What if I told you, that you can actually understand your cats...

Or any other cats that you meet...

It is obvious that human and cats do not speak the same language or communicate the same way. But as a human, we do have an ability to understand what the cats are trying to tell us. What’s more, the basic of “speaking cats” is not even that hard to learn.

Cats “speak” and communicate using both sound and movement. Understanding what each sound represent is the key of speaking cats, while the body movement can tell you what’s your cats emotion at the moment.

3 sound that you cats often made and what it mean

Meow – Meow is kind of multipurpose word. Your cats usually make this sound;
  • To say hi
  • To announce something (example : this dead bird is for you )
  • To tell you his current mood ( example : I am so pissed )
  • To ask for more food

Purr – This sound only have 2 meaning. If your cat is purring, this probably mean that he is so happy at that moment ( especially if he’s purring while enjoying his meal ). Purring can also mean that your cat is sick, and he’s purring to make himself comfortable.

Growling and hissing – even a non-cat person know that this mean the cat is on rage. Do not mess with that cat unless you’re ready to experience the full power of cat battle claw.

3 common body language and what it can tell you about your cat mood.

Not sure what this kind of body movement mean :D

Every movement your cat did when you’re interacting with him could mean something. To really understand your cat feeling, pay close attention to the eye, ear and tail.

Ear movements and it meaning:
  • Forward : it mean your cat is interested
  • Backward or sideways : it mean your cat is angry

Eye movement and it meaning:
  • Small eye : it mean your cat is on offensive mode
  • Wide eye : It is mean your cat is nervous but can also mean that he’s just being playful.

Tail movement and it meaning:
  • Held very low : It mean your cat feel insecure
  • Moving back and forth : it mean your cat is angry
  • Straight up : it mean your cat is excited and very happy

The main key to understand what your cat is trying to say is to pay attention to the combination of the sound and the movements that he make.

For example:
Your cats is purring after eating his food while his tail is up and his ear forward, this mean he is very happy.

Understanding the limitation of cats communication

When you finally understand what your cat trying to say to you, you will notice that cat don’t have that many “words” in their language other than a few “words” such as “more food”, “don’t disturb me” and “play with me now”. 

This is because cats (or many other animals for that matter) is not really a complex creature like human are. That’s why they don’t communicate the way human do.

Cats is not going to be able to learn human language, but we can learn their. If you have your own personal tips to add, please do so at the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus!

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